Celtic Knotwork - Cairngorms Learning Partnership

Celtic Knotwork - Cairngorms Learning Partnership


13 Sep 2016 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Course Details
This short course is for anyone interested in Celtic Knotwork.
Find out about the history of the Celts and their art - and how other cultures have influences what we call 'Celtic Art' today.
Learn the techniques to produce your basic Celtic Knotwork and patterns from scratch.

This course will include:

- A brief history of the Celts & their traditional art styles
- Basic freehand knots and techniques
- How to apply the techniques to make original patterns
- How these techniques can be used to decorate objects

What to bring
Pencil, rubber, pencil sharpener, ruler & paper
Coloured pens & pencil
An object you wish to decorate (This will not neccessarily be decorated in the session but can be used for reference)


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£15 (Learning Club Discounts Apply - visit https://goo.gl/JPzKnq)